Clash Cup Turbo is now in PUBLIC BETA

Hey everyone!

It's been a while but we're finally ready to release our PUBLIC BETA update:

Anyone can now freely buy Clash Cup Turbo on (comes with a Steam key as well as DRM free builds for Win/Mac) with a 33% discount from the final price of the game! The latest build has all the final in-game content game too. What's left is UI improvements, lots of behind-the-scenes polish, and maybe some extras we can't resist adding!

For example, in a few weeks we will be pushing our online multiplayer beta which will allow you to play up to 4 players together online! Again, when you buy the game during the beta, you get access to all future updates totally free, including the final released game, at a 33% discount!

Thanks for being fans all these years, and please give us feedback on the forums, or our twitter @ROOT76Games

PS: Watch out for our next game, The Impeccable Picaro, which you might have seen at MAGFest. It's a stealth action puzzle game about becoming the best thief in history, inspired by picaresque stories!

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Version 0.6.2 Jan 13, 2019 164 MB
Version 0.6.2 Jan 13, 2019

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